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Aims and Objectives of the Simon’s Town Historical Society

The Simon's Town Historical Society was established in 1960 to collect information and artefacts with a view to establishing a Museum in Simon's Town. This aim was realised and the Simon's Town Museum opened in 1977.

The first Bulletin of the Society appeared in January 1961 and in this issue one can find our full constitution, but briefly some of our functions are:

One of the Society's main aims is to help the Museum. The Society plays an important part in keeping an eye on our main street - "The Historic Mile" as it is known - on which there is a preservation order. It stretches from the railway station to the old East Dockyard Gate. We have also paid for many plaques to be placed around the town at sites of historical interest.

Other important projects undertaken in recent years are:

We have about 300 members (2019), both in South Africa and overseas.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society is held in March. All paid-up members of the Society are invited to participate.


Membership is open to anyone interested in the objectives of the Society. The most advantageous way to learn about this historical town and its interesting history is to join the Simon's Town Historical Society.

Benefits of Membership

              The Simon’s Town Museum Shop


Membership Fees

The present membership fee is R60 for the first member of a family and R10 each for subsequent members. The cost of subscription for overseas members can be obtained from the Membership Secretary, email

Enjoy our history and join us in preserving and sharing it. We will be delighted to welcome YOU as a member. To join the Historical Society, please send an email to and we will forward you a form - or click here to download the form in PDF format. Print and complete the application form and either post it (along with the applicable membership fee) to P.O. Box 56, Simon's Town 7995 or hand it in at the front shop at the Simon's Town Museum.

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