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The Society continually initiates projects to record and preserve Simon’s Town’s heritage which comprises Buildings, Lanes, Objects, Events and People. One such ongoing project is the erection of plaques throughout the town providing information about buildings, events and interesting snippets about famous people who have lived in or passed through the village. Some of our major projects are described below.

Old Burying Ground

The OBG was established circa 1814 and was initially used by the Anglicans, later Dutch Reformed and Roman Catholic sections were added. The Garden of Remembrance was originally the Naval Cemetery, under the care of the British War Graves Commission and later the National Monuments Council, who made a grant to the Simon’s Town Municipality - while the Dutch section was looked after by the Bloemfontein Boer War authorities. The National Monuments Council ceased to exist in 1994 and care of the OBG has been largely sporadic, with the Simon’s Town Historical Society doing their best to maintain it, including spending R15000 on the repair of the boundary wall. Weeding and the repair of gravestones is also undertaken. Much is still to be done and volunteers and donations would be greatly appreciated.

Registration of Historic Buildings, Sites and Objects

In terms of our registration with Heritage Western Cape as a conservation body, the Society has undertaken to do a survey of all the historic buildings, sites and objects within our area which stretches from Glencairn to Cape Point. The survey entails gathering enough information to classify these items and present them for registration in terms of the Act  thus ensuring their future protection. There are many buildings over 60 years old that need to be researched, documented and classified. This is a huge task and anyone willing to assist in any way should contact Eric at

Simon’s Town Wall of Memory

The Wall of Memory celebrates the life and times of the people living and working in Simon’s Town over the years.

This display is a project begun in 2014 by residents of Simon’s Town, past and present and organisations associated with it.

It is a photographic record taken from the archives of the Simon’s Town and South African Naval Museums as well as private collections.

A series of wall panels grouped into themes will provide a visual record of aspects of life in Simon’s Town over the centuries and the people who contributed to our history.

They came as sailors, soldiers, builders, farmers, shopkeepers, padres and prisoners. Some were writers and artists, some nurses, doctors, some sick, some dying. Some came as slaves, some as settlers, some voluntarily, some under orders.

All, in so many ways, made up the rich pattern of community life in Simon’s Town.

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