Simon’s Town can justly lay claim to being one of the oldest towns in South Africa. Having been settled by the Dutch in the mid 1700s, later influenced for a short period by the French then the British, then the Dutch again and finally again by the British, it has played an important role in the maritime affairs of the region and the changing occupiers have left their mark on the rich tapestry of its history.
By publishing past Bulletins of the Society and other articles of interest on this website, we hope to provide our members, residents and visitors with a glimpse into the town’s history.


St George’s Street Circa 1900 and Now

We have added a link to  a Walking Tour of Simon’s Town’s Historic Mile on this website that may be accessed by users of Smart Phones and Tablets. The tour has been implemented using Google Earth. The tour is  experimental and if you wish you may provide feedback via email to
The Tours can be accessed via our Walking Tour page.

Walking Tour


The Wall of Memory Project A Celebration of Life in Simon’s Town The first Wall Panels from the Wall of Memory Project have been completed and are on display on the West Dockyard wall The Girls and Lads Brigades of St…

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The first record referring to the alleged “Brenton’s Beacon” was found as an annotation “Beacon erected by Commissioner Sir J.B” on the back of a painting done by Mary Brenton in 1818. Mary was the sister of Sir Jaheel Brenton who…
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9 Inch RML

9 Inch RIFLED MUZZLE LOADING (RML) GUN MIDDLE NORTH BATTERY SIMON’S TOWN   The gun was designed in 1865 as a broadside gun for ironclad ships and harbour seafront defence. A total of 190 were made. The gun was last fired…

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THE STORY OF SIMON’S TOWN Introduction The part which Simon’s Town has played in maritime strategy is inseparable from that of the Cape of Good Hope and South Africa as a whole. Close to the meeting point of the two great…

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