Aims and Objectives of the Simon’s Town Historical Society

The Simon’s Town Historical Society was established in 1960 to collect information and artifacts with a view to establishing a Museum in Simon’s Town. This aim was realised and the Simon’s Town Museum opened in 1977.

The first Bulletin of the Society appeared in January 1961 and in this issue one can find our full constitution, but briefly some of our functions are:

  • The preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage and ongoing history of this unique naval town.
  •  To help the Museum by, The collection, collation, preservation and exhibition of objects, documents, photographs and books concerning the history of Simon’s Town. 

The Society plays an important part in keeping an eye on our main street – “The Historic Mile” as it is known – on which there is a preservation order. It stretches from the railway station to the old East Dockyard Gate. We have also paid for many plaques to be placed around the town at sites of historical interest.

Other important projects undertaken in recent years are:

  • The complete restoration (in conjunction with the SA Navy) of the Martello Tower built by the British in 1796.

  • The survey of the Water mill at the SA Naval Sports field at Glencairn.

  • The manufacture of an authentic gun carriage for an eight pounder VOC cannon now positioned at the Simon’s Town Museum.

  • The restoration of the Burgraaff / De Waal Family Vault (1868) in the Old Burying Ground in Simon’s  Town.

  • Researching the history of Simon’s Town is an ongoing activity.

  • Organizing monthly public lectures which are held in the museum hall.

  • Carrying out a survey of Simon’s Town Heritage Resources including buildings and artifacts, an ongoing activity
  • Researching and co-ordinating the production of the panels for the ‘Wall Of Memory’ in St George’s Street.

  • Customising software for the Simon’s Town Museum’s digitising of its accessioning records, photographs and documents.

  • Research and documenting of the history of Simon’s Town Water supply.

We have 200 members (2021), both in South Africa and overseas.