Walk Simon’s Town’s Historic Mile

The walk normally starts at Simon’s Town Station and ends at the gates to the  East Dockyard. Unfortunately many of the interesting buildings are either occupied by the South African Navy or within the confines of restricted areas and are not accessible to the public. Where possible we have provided frontal views of some of these buildings. Walking time can be up to 120 minutes depending on the walker.
The Tour has been implemented using Google Earth and to access it you will need the Google Earth App installed on your mobile device.  Once installed go to the device Settings – Apps & notifications – Earth – Advanced – Open by default – Open supported links and click on Open in this app. Also check that Under Supported links earth.app.goo.gl is selected.
As there is a large number of place markers within a small area of the tour map the tour is best viewed when the Map Style is set to Clean. When the Earth App is open select the three bars at the top of the left hand panel, from the Menu select Map style followed by Clean.

This tour can also be viewed with the Pocketsights App if it is installed on your device. Open the App and look for the Simonstown Historical Society Tour.

Start Your Walking Tour with Google Earth



Google Earth App can be installed from here   

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